Saunders, Nick

Envisioned Future Speaker

Nick Saunders works for Viasat, Inc. and currently leads the cybersecurity analytics group that he founded in 2015.  His work includes the application of published as well as novel techniques for finding malicious threats on a network.  This includes the development of cybersecurity-related machine learning algorithms, research and production of novel threat intelligence data, development of durable processes of findings, oversight of an internet security product in development, as well as contributions to the security operations center at Viasat.

Nick previously has worked as a software lead and architect for a Department of Energy research grant for protection of critical infrastructure and industrial control systems. Prior to this work he was responsible for the development and integration of secure remote attestation technologies in an industrial control systems device published by the Trusted Computing Group.  He is a contributor for mission critical software including the bootloader and operating system running in embedded software products developed by Viasat fielded in multiple products.  Nick graduated with a B.S in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2008.  Past publications and presentations include IEEE and presentation of findings at SANS ICS Summit in Orlando.


The role of data analytics in AI and other technologies: Envisioned Future
MGB 8 & 9
2:30 PM  -  3:00 PM