Ryan Cousins

Fireside Chat: Start-ups
Ryan Cousins is cofounder and CEO of krtkl inc. Based in Silicon Valley, krtkl ("critical") makes life easier for companies developing heavily connected and automated products. Through a combination of pre-built hardware modules, hardware accelerators, "soft" IP, and engineering services, krtkl serves industries from robotics and unmanned aircraft to video processing and networking. The company is known for producing highly reliable systems and for squeezing every drop of performance out of the most compact, power-efficient, and affordable designs possible.

Ryan earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering, with an emphasis in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, from UCLA. He has worked in both R&D and business capacities across a variety of markets - including medical and embedded - and has been granted a European patent. Ryan's primary expertise and strengths are in program management, product development, supply chain/logistics, intellectual property, strategic partnerships, and revenue growth.

When he's away from the office, Ryan serves as a volunteer board member for Boost! West Oakland - a no-cost tutoring and mentoring program for K-5 students - and is a young entrepreneur mentor with Operation HOPE. Ryan has a passion for travel, cooking, and fitness and will walk, run, or bike anywhere there's a road or trail - or no path at all.