Matthew Fiedler

Moderator for Panel with Start-ups
Matthew Fiedler is the Co-founder and CTO of re:3D® Inc., a Texas- and Puerto Rico-based, full-service company committed to affordable, large-scale industrial 3D printing providing custom hardware, engineering, and printing services. With 400+ customers in 50+ countries, re:3D manufactures Gigabot—the world’s largest industrial 3D printer under $9K. Gigabot rivals the printing quality of other industrial printers at 1/10th the cost and boasts a build volume starting at 30X larger than desktop models. re:3D’s customers represent domain experts in aerospace, defense, and academia, including: US Army Aviation & Missile Research, Development and Engineering; Naval Air Weapons Center; US Air Force; Air National Guard; NASA Langley; NASA Johnson Space Center; Wyle Integrated Science & Engineering; Rolls-Royce Singapore; Autodesk; Honda Performance; the US Department of State; Harvard; and MIT. It also maintains multiple partnerships with 3D printing materials science experts, including an active collaboration with the University of Texas-Austin.