Bruce R. Conklin

Fireside Chat
Bruce R Conklin is an Investigator at the Gladstone Institutes and a Professor at UCSF in Medicine, Ophthalmology and Pharmacology. Dr. Conklin is also the Deputy Director of the Innovative Genomics Institute, focusing on Biomedical applications of CRISPR technology. His research focuses on using genome engineering to identify therapeutic approaches to human disease. Using CRISPR gene editing his lab is perfecting allele-specific editing of dominant negative genes causing incurable disease of the retina, motor neurons and the heart.  Conklin has trained with Julius Axelrod, Ph.D., (Nobel Laureate) at the NIH, did his residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a postdoctoral fellowship with Henry Bourne, at UCSF.  In 1995 Conklin joined the Gladstone Institutes and the UCSF faculty where he has advanced to become a Senior Investigator at Gladstone, and a Professor at UCSF, and the Gladstone Scientific Officer for Technology and Innovation.  Conklin is the founder of several public stem cell and genomics projects including BayGenomics, GenMAPP. He founded the Gladstone Stem Cell Core and the Gladstone Genomics Core laboratories. Conklin pioneered the field of using designer G protein coupled receptors (RASSLs) for tissue engineering.  Conklin serves on multiple advisory boards including the Allen Institute for Cell Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Tenaya Therapeutics.  He is a member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation, and is a Fellow in the California Academy of Sciences.