IEEE Honors Ceremony
Celebration of Engineering Disciplines

The Awards presented are an expression of recognition for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical, electronics, communications, environmental and safety technologies, computer science and engineering, engineering education, as well as, the allied branches of engineering and the related arts and sciences and technologies and their application.

The presentation of the 2019 Medal and Recognition recipients at the Honors Ceremony took place on 17 May at 6:00 pm Pacific Time – the evening festivities at the IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit. The following were recognized at this year’s Honors Ceremony Gala. View the Honors Ceremony live stream via

The 2020 Medal and Recognition recipients will be announced in December 2019. Please check back for updates.

 List of 2019 IEEE Medals and Recognitions Recipients:
IEEE Medal of Honor – Kurt E. Petersen
IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal – Teresa Huai-Ying Meng
IEEE Edison Medal – Ursula Keller
IEEE Medal for Environmental and Safety Technologies – Richard Nute, Ray Corson, and James Gordon Barrick, Jr.
IEEE Founders Medal – Robin Keith Saxby
IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal – David Tse
IEEE Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology – Kamil Ugurbil
IEEE Jack S. Kilby Signal Processing Medal – Alan Willsky
IEEE/RSE James Clerk Maxwell Medal – David Flynn and David Jaggar
IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal – John G. Webster
IEEE Jun-ichi Nishizawa Medal – Yasuhiko Arakawa, Pallab Bhattacharya, and Dieter Bimberg
IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal – Antun Domic
IEEE Dennis J. Picard Medal for Radar Technolgoies and Applications – Richard Klemm
IEEE Medal in Power Engineering – Lionel Olav Barthold
IEEE Simon Ramo Medal – Harold Lawson
IEEE John von Neumann Medal – Eva Tardos
IEEE Corporate Innovation Award – Bose Corporate
IEEE Richard M. Emberson Award – Marcel Keschner
IEEE Haraden Pratt Award – David Green
IEEE Honorary Membership – Telle Whitney
IEEE Theodore W. Hissey Outstanding Young Professional Award – Mario Milicevic
IEEE President’s Award – Katherine G. Johnson

IEEE Spectrum Magazine – 2019 Corporate Awards:
IEEE Spectrum Technology in the Service of Society Award – Zipline
IEEE Spectrum Magazine – Zipline 

IEEE Spectrum Emerging Technology Award- Ciena
IEEE Spectrum Magazine- Ciena