Samantha Snabes

Moderator for Fireside Chat with Start-ups
Samantha is a Co-Founder & Catalyst for re:3D a company built on a community of makers using gigabot to print human-scale objects using recycled materials. Their mission is to create more access to 3D printable solutions worldwide. The re:3D team consists of several former NASA engineers interested in driving social and economic change through open-source engineering-driven innovations.

Additionally, re:3D and Samantha recently won the world wide 2018 WeWork Creator Award Million Dollar Prize and is a mentor with Puerto Rico’s startup community via Parellel18.

Previously, Samantha served as the Social Entrepreneur in Residence for the NASA HQ and Deputy Strategist supporting NASA Johnson Space Center‘s Space Life Sciences Directorate after selling a start-up for a DARPA-funded,co-patented tissue culture device.

She holds a BS in Biology, BA degrees in International Relations & Hispanic Studies, a MBA with concentrations in Supply Chain Management & International Relations, and certifications as a firefighter & EMT-B.